Climb the ledge on your left, then continue forward and through the doorway on your right. var emailarray8809= new Array(115,116,101,108,108,97,108,117,110,101,64,116,111,109,98,114,97,105,100,101,114,115,46,110,101,116) Now go into the corner to the right of the round hatch. The Hidden City - Side Quest List. Challenge Tomb … Tomb - Chamber of Exorcism [9/9], Lost City secrets, locations, tips, video guide. There are cave and bear icons in that area on the level map, so you can guess what's ahead. Turn left from the tomb stele and fire a rope arrow to create a zip line down. Grab All Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks to reveal the collectible locations on the map. Turn back to the right and dodge all the spikes and fire again. Do Challenge Tombs and Crypts, they contain lots of Collectibles. As you enter the room, the tomb’s mechanism will raise the large column in the center of the room. Turn Mirror 2 to the left until it points at the first pole on the left side (leading to Mirror 4). Rise Of The Tomb Raider (XO) – now with actual tombs. Challenges - Posters, Soviet Installation secrets, location, tips . (screenshots), When you have everything, swim back out to the main pool. There’s another. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: In der Feder liegt die Ruhe - Kondor-Federn sammeln. From the Temple of the Sun Base Camp, walk over to the opening in the wall to the right. 0. Turn Mirror 2 to the left just a little. Finding the Temple of the Sun challenge tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is as much of a challenge as solving the tomb’s puzzle. Jump up the the handhold, then continue out along the arm to the right. Challenges Shadow of the Tomb Raider ... Hidden City CHANGING THE WEATHER; Pull down 5 frog totems with your rope. Find the raft, then let the water wheel pull it back close to you. Keep an eye out for them, using Lara's instinct, … There are three challenge tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Hidden City region. Follow the flooded passageway to a small side chamber. for (i=0;i

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